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保険代理店安全を形に  コストの平準化をめざす
Our operations are always with severe risks. Needles to say, we estimate all the possible risks and take utmost preventive actions to avoid based on our safety first policy.
However accidents will happen. A little carelessness easily leads to accidents. Once it happens, it will give us a big financial impact. Costs include but not limited to compensations of damages, legal fees, repair, and indirect fees such as recovery of company reputation. It is not the best choice for the company to set aside special allowance for these accidents from the stand point of effective use of financial resources. However if we are not funded enough, we will not be able to make any compensation to the damage, pay legal fees, or repair.
We might end up losing all the company reputation. In order to hedge those double edged risks, we are buying various insurances. Also we also try to minimize those costs by watching insurance market closely. Furthermore, we act as insurance agency for Tokyo Marine Nichido Fire Insurance Company to protect against all the possible future risks that the company may face with. By such measures as mentioned above,
we standardize our cost toward a reliable business partner of our customers. Please contact below, should you have any insurance needs and requirements.  
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